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Orange Allergy Immune for Dogs

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Orange AllergyImmune™

Controlled Labs Pets Orange AllergyImmune for Dogs (90 Soft Chews) – Smoked Beef Liver Flavor Essentia Allergy Formula With Prebiotics and Probiotics, Support Immunity, Gut Bacteria, and Itchiness.

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR DOG’S IMMUNE SYSTEM – Help your dog stay healthy all year round with these immune-boosting essential dog vitamins. Orange AllergyImmune is packed full of colostrum and antioxidants to fight cellular damage and bolster the strength of your best friend’s immune system. Build your dog’s foundational immune strength and improve their everyday immunity to help promote a longer, healthier life.
  • STOP ITCHINESS AND SOOTHE SKIN – The apple cider vinegar in these snackable soft chews helps prevent and stop itchiness in dogs. This relief allows your pups’s skin to recover while rashes and irritations heal up, giving them adorable puppy-soft skin once again. Fantastic for dogs of all ages and breeds!
  • PROMOTE BETTER GUT HEALTH – Organic ginger root powder acts alongside prebiotics and probiotics to support gut bacteria and aid digestion, even for the fussiest stomachs. Meanwhile the licorice root has a calming effect that helps over-excited doggos stay relaxed. Works to help stop those stomach problems and put an end to messy bathroom incidents!
  • DELICIOUS EASY TO EAT CHEWS – The snackable size of these 90 soft chews is ideal for doggos of all sizes. Plus, their enticing Smoked Beef Liver flavor makes them seriously irresistible to boot! Forget those awkward capsules, liquid supplements and oversized treats. Make giving your dog supplements simple. Go for a delicious chew they can get their mouth around and truly enjoy!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – The chews are made with natural ingredients and are entirely free of corn, soy, artificial flavorings and preservatives. Give dogs weighing up to 25lbs one chew per day, dogs weighing 25-75lbs two chews per day, and dogs weighing 75lb+ three chews per day. Nourish your dog’s body naturally and safely today.