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Orange OxiMega Fish Oil for Dogs

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Orange OxiMega Fish Oil™

Controlled Labs Pets Orange Oximega Fish Oil (90 Soft Chews) - Salmon and Chicken Flavor All-Age Dog Nordic Fish Oil With Omega 3 - Promote Healthy Joints, Cardiovascular Health and Skin and Coat Health.

  • PROMOTE FULL-BODY DOG HEALTH - Reinvigorate your dog's health with high dose Omege 3, Vitamins C & E, and Biotin in every bite of these essential all-age dog Fish Oil chews. Encourage stronger cardiovascular health, a more robust immune system, higher energy levels and more. Plus, our chews won't give your dog the fishy smell that so many other fish oil products do!
  • FOR LUSCIOUS FUR & HEALTHY SKIN - The 250mg of Omega 3 concentrate in each of our 90 soft chews is designed to give your pup the sleekest, most beautiful coat in town. End itching, stop dandruff and watch hairless patches disappear before your eyes as fur grows back. Give your dog that puppy-soft feel and a rich beautiful coat today!
  • STAY ACTIVE WITH PAINLESS JOINTS - Provide your fluffy family member with essential nutrients to help aching joint stiffness and arthritis symptooms. By promoting lubricated joints (healthy joints), our USA-made, and Nordic sourced, Omega 3 chews can help your dog combat arthritis and joint pain for a happier, more active life. Keep your dogs active at any age, and watch them jump, twist, and pounce with joy!
  • DELICIOUS EASY-EAT CHEWS - The snackable size of these chews is ideal for doggos of all sizes. Plus, their enticing Salmon and Chicken flavor makes them seriously irresistible to boot! Forget those awkward capsules and liquid supplements. Make giving your dog fish oil a simple treat. Go for a delicious chew they can get their mouth around and truly enjoy!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & TOTALLY SAFE - Our chews are entirely free of cord, soy, artificial flavors, preservatives, and are made with natural ingredients. Our nordic sourced Omega 3 is distilled for purity and lab tested to guarantee quality. Give dogs weighing up to 25lbs one chew per day, dogs weighing 25-75lbs two chews per day, and dogs weighing 75lbs+ three chews per day. Nourish your dog's body with no stomach problems and no messy doggy bathroom incidents.