17+ Years of
mission-driven quality

In 2005, Controlled Labs was founded with a mission to make reliable, industry-leading, high-quality supplements easily accessible to the public.

In a market of supplement companies that were focused only on their bottom line, Controlled Labs stood out as a quality-controlled brand focused on the customer's health and performance.


Humble beginnings,
fast-paced growth

Since the company launched with two supplements, Controlled Labs has grown to offer a robust product line of 18 overall health and sports nutrition products. Each Supplement is available in various sizes and flavors.

The company is based in New York, and Controlled Labs supplements are sold by authorized distributors in 42 countries around the world.

The Controlled
Labs promise

All Controlled Labs supplements have been tried, tested, and trusted by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who rely on the supplements for their overall health and workout performance.

Product formulas are constantly reassessed based on available research, and formulas are continually updated.

All Controlled Labs products meet or exceed exacting standards of safety and quality, and are manufactured and warehoused in facilities with the following compliance certifications:

  • NSF Certification Guideline 306
  • NSF GMP Registration Policies
  • GMP Requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard 173 Section 8
  • NNFA GMP Certification

A Charted path

It was a singular mission that prompted the founding of the brand, and that same mission continues to chart the path of Controlled Labs' growth. With 17 years of satisfied repeat customers, the mantra of "highest quality" is still the driving force behind every decision the company makes.