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GlycerGrow 2, Increase Cell Volume and Vascularity

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Cell Hydration matrix for BodyBuilding

GlycerGrow 2™ is a simple and effective cell volumizer.

GlycerGrow 2™ combines a proprietary and synergistic blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to increase cell volume, aid the osmotice effects of creatine, and enhance the natural anabolic responses of weightlifting. When combined with a high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet, and a solid workout protocol, this product helps give the user increased gains in size, strength and vascularity.

During a cutting (calorie deficit/fat loss) phase, GlycerGrow 2™ can be stacked with Red Light™ and Green MAGnitude™ to keep worout intensity levels high. GlycerGrow 2™ may also help minimize cramping. As an added bonus, GlycerGrow 2™ appears to have little impact on insulin and blood sugar levels.

During a bulking (calorie surplus) phase, GlycerGrow 2™ can be stached with Green MAGnitude™ and White Warped™ for extreme pumps and to optimize your lean gains. GlycerGrow 2™ may also enhance your extreme stretching protocol.

During a bodybuilding or fitness-related contest preparation phase, GlycerGrow 2™ can bee used to help improve vascularity as well as maintain both workout intensity and electrolyte balance, which may help reach the muscle hardnesss, fullness, and density needed to win.