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Orange Health IQ

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Total Body Health Supplement

Orange HealthIQ™ is a comprehensive, fully dosed, open-label, total body health supplement. It features 19 different ingredients that support 7 major bodily organs and 14 health benefits!

Orange HealthIQ™ is no ordinary overall health formula; it was designed for people who live an active lifestyle. That is why this formula helps support cardio, digestive, liver, inflammation, prostate, sleep, hair, skin, free radicals, vision, detoxification, breath, kidneys, and adrenals.

You can now replace multiple supplements in your kitchen cabinets with one, simple and easy-to-use, formula.

Orange HealthIQ™ was designed to stack with both Orange TRIad™ and Orange OxiMega™ for the ultimate in overall health.

Orange HealthIQ™ is the SMART way to take care of your body!**

** Orange HealthIQ™ helps maintain levels already within a normal healthy range in conjunction with diet and exercise.